13 Awesome ‘Welcome’ Email Ideas


Welcome emails are one of the first key steps to long-term success with email marketing. They build trust, reduce opt-outs, and get sales upfront. Welcome emails typically get three times the clicks and sales as a standard promotional email. They’re also a terrific way to get ready for Christmas, which will be only 114 days away as of September 1.

13 Awesome ‘Welcome’ Email Ideas

Send your welcome email out immediately, in real time. Do not “batch” your welcome emails. Batching is certainly more efficient for the server, but it wastes a critical moment.

Let your new subscribers know what to expect. Ever heard how “expectations are everything”? Well, they may not be everything, but they definitely matter, especially for welcome emails. Telling subscribers when they should expect to hear from you and what they should expect to get in their inbox is a proven way to increase readership and reduce opt-outs.

Use the welcome email to show the simplest and easiest way to start using your service, or to buy from you.

Show your new subscribers they’ve made a good decision.

Give your new subscribers a sense of community. Say something to make new readers feel like they’re part of something special.

Simplify your welcome message.

Include a reply email address that works.

Use your subscribers’ enthusiasm to leave some of the most valuable information they’ll ever tell you. If you only do one thing from this article, do this: Set up a welcome email that asks your new subscribers what’s the one thing they want to know about your niche.

Test your welcome email subject line.

Ask subscribers to follow you on social media.

Use the welcome email to get more information on your new subscribers’ preferences.


Use a recognizable sender name and email address.

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