17 Ways to Jumpstart your Email Opt-in Box

WMT signup boxThere are dozens of things you can do to get more email subscribers. Hosting a webinar, pay-per-click advertising, guest blog posting, and Facebook contests are just a few of them. But the easiest way to grow your list is to improve your opt-in box. If your email list is barely growing, or even slowly shrinking due to list churn, consider these 17 items.

  • Have more than one opt-in form on each page of your site.
  • Give people a reason to sign up.
  • Don’t call your newsletter a newsletter. “Weekly updates” usually get far more subscribers than newsletters. Most of us are already subscribed to too many newsletters.
  • Test an e-course instead of a newsletter or a weekly update. Got a low opt-in rate? Try offering a free, emailed e-course and see if people aren’t more willing to sign up for that than for another newsletter. An e-course will also give you an opportunity to educate your prospective customers.
  • Use a pop-up.
  • Ask for as little information as possible in the opt-in box.

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