Finding high-quality images can be difficult, especially if you are trying to do it on a budget. Here are four sources for free, high-quality stock photographs.


Stock.xchng (SXC) offers a wide variety of high-quality, high-resolution photographs. The SXC library also includes illustrations and clip art.


MorgueFile offers a very simple interface for finding photos. Unlike most stock photography sites, morgueFile provides images specifically for use in derivative work, where an image is altered or customized. If you are looking to use an image as is, morgueFile suggests contacting the original photographer.

Pixel Perfect Digital

If you don’t mind providing attribution, Pixel Perfect Digital is a good resource for more polished stock photography. All Pixel Perfect Digital images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license, allowing you to edit and use photos commercially, provided you credit Pixel Perfect Digital for the photo.


Everystockphoto is a stock photography search engine that pulls from stock photo sources around the Internet, including Flickr, NASA, Wikipedia, morgueFile, and Stock.xchng. One of everystockphoto’s most useful features is its advanced search, letting you narrow your search results by a number of factors, including resolution and license.

Pixel Perfect Digital