by by Nielsen Norman Group  

Our usability tests of nonprofit and charity websites show that people have high expectations of nonprofit and charity websites — which some sites don’t meet. Users have specific questions, and if sites do not address these questions, they have little desire or motivation to find the answers. Once users decide to donate, a clear call to action and a simplified donation process keeps them on the right track.

To get donations, follow these 5 guidelines:

1. Clearly Explain What the Organization Does

2. Disclose How Donations are Used

Those (users) who couldn’t find the information were aggravated and thought the organization was inefficient or trying to bury those details.

3. Display Third Party Endorsements

An organization’s reputation and legitimacy is another important piece of information users needed to know before making a donation. In our study, people often used the following information to decide whether or not a nonprofit or charity was worthy of their donation:

  • watchdog ratings
  • high profile endorsements
  • testimonials
  • name recognition
  • number of years in operation

4. Provide a Noticeable and Clear Link to Donate

5. Streamline the Donation Process

Creating a seamless donation process will increase the odds of getting users to complete the process.

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