How to Backup WordPress Sites to Dropbox

by Trevor

What would happen if all of the hard work you put into your website was all wiped away by a hacker or malicious virus of some kind? It would be difficult to find the motivation to start all over unless you have a backup of some kind. Using your already established Dropbox account, several options are available to Backup WordPress Sites to Dropbox.

To take out some of the work out of backing up your site, below we will show some ways to automate the process and save the backup to Dropbox. The easier and more hands off the process is, the better, right? Below are some WordPress plugins and other options to help you easily backup your WordPress site.

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5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins List

by Anil Agarwal

No doubt WordPress is the best blogging platform and it is the ultimate choice for millions of blog owners. But what will you do if you lost your website database due to certain type of server errors, attacks from hackers or due to your own mistakes. All of your efforts will be gone in vain if you don’t have a database backup mechanism.

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15 jQuery Space-Saving Content Sliders and Carousels

Have you noticed that, for instance, when browsing the latest WordPress themes, they almost all include a slider of some sort, whether it is an image gallery or a content slider, or better still, has the capability to incorporate both?

Sliders are becoming increasingly popular because they resolve a lot of space problems. Content sliders can offer the viewer a lot of information in a small space, and both content sliders and image galleries can provide user-interaction.

Here we have rounded-up 15 jQuery content sliders and carousels, including a couple of tutorials, for your perusal.

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55 Best WordPress Plugins – Want Unfair Advantage?

by Dustin Betonio

Nice list of WordPress Plugins

About Half Of The Top Blogs Use WordPress, Research Shows

Blogging is a WordPress-dominated world.

Close to half of the top 100 blogs are using WordPress as their publishing system. That’s according to new research published today by the folks at Royal Pingdom.











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14 Ways to Prevent Your WordPress Blog From Being Hacked

by Salman Ahsan
Some basic tweaks can help protect all your hard earned content. Check out the following tips to prevent wordpress hack.

  1. Backup
  2. Update WordPress Version
  3. Change your Login/Password
  4. WordPress Keys in wp-config.php
  5. Install WP Security Scan
  6. Change Table Prefix
  7. Prevent WordPress Hack by Blocking Search Engine Spiders from indexing the Admin Section
  8. .htaccess Hacks
  9. Protect your .htaccess file
  10. No Directory Browsing
  11. Secure wp-config.php
  12. Limit Access to the Wp-Content Directory
  13. Protect WordPress Admin Files
  14. Prevent script injection

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13 Steps to Completely secure your WordPress blog

Written by

Its very important to Keep your Blog Secured from hackers and from
“Internet Thieves”.Learn how you can make your WordPress blog more
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New Plugin Makes it Easy to Embed Any Facebook Content on Your WordPress Site

Embed Facebook
is a new plugin that makes the process of posting Facebook content in WordPress ridiculously simple: Paste the URL (of a facebook album, picture, video, page, or event) and the plugin will automatically embed the related object.

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50 Ultimate Websites to Find Free WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are very essential for the bloggers on the internet and we know how important investment they are. WordPress themes just can’t be done away with as they are the heart and soul of a website. Bloggers are always in the lookout for good WordPress themes as they are very important for pulling in good revenue and to have a good viewership. Good WordPress themes combined with good content on the website will bring a lot of traffic too. So it is extremely important to choose a WordPress theme that perfectly suits your requirement and to never compromise even if means to pay some money for it.

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34 Best WordPress Plugins Giving You An Unfair Advantage

by Dustin Betonio

Great list of WordPress plugins.