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Not every innovation deserves a patent. Not every copycat deserves a punishment

WHEN Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in 2007, he changed an industry. Apple’s brilliant new device was a huge advance on the mobile phones that had gone before: it looked different and it worked better. The iPhone represented innovation at its finest, making it the top-selling smartphone soon after it came out and helping to turn Apple into the world’s most valuable company, with a market capitalisation that now exceeds $630 billion. Read full article…

Is Mobile Search Taking Over The Restaurant Space?

In the last few months, there’s increasing evidence that mobile search activity for restaurants is growing by leaps and bounds. Consider the following:

  • Yelp recently shared that mobile usage now accounts for 40% of their activity, up from 27% in 2010.
  • According Groupon’s CEO, 30% of all transactions on Groupon’s platform are now attributed to mobile device use, and those usage levels have tripled in just one year.

With mobile search rising in importance, you want to make sure you spend the next few months aligning your online activities with mobile, to get in front of this audience as they switch over to phone-based searches. A few ideas for restaurant owners:

  • The next time you redesign your website, think seriously about a website design that is “mobile-first” – a phone-friendly website that also will work fine for desktop PCs. Most websites do the opposite (at best) but in the restaurant category, he market favors mobile, so your site design should, too.
  • If you’re not ready to redesign yet, be sure that your homepage has a clickable phone number, with driving directions one click away. This is good common sense for all customers, phone-based or not.

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Android App Makes Smartphones Accessible for the Blind


When someone buys their first smartphone, the first question is usually, what apps should I get? Apps are part of what make our phones so valuable to us, from getting directions to finding a place nearby to eat, to keeping track of various items when we travel.

And now, thanks to a man who is visually-impaired himself, there’s an Android app that will turn a regular smartphone into a powerful tool for the blind.

Roger Wilson-Hinds, director and co-founder of Screenreader, built the app, called Georgie, specifically to help blind users navigate day-to-day obstacles like catching a bus, reading printed text and knowing exactly where they are at all times.

“It’s the first smartphone that’s been designed for blind people by blind people,” he said. And he should know, he just recently sent his very first text message.

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Mobile Phones Cut Malaria Response Time From Weeks to Minutes


Using mobile phones to report malaria outbreaks in Africa has been stunningly effective — reducing the government response time to an outbreak from four weeks to three minutes, according to a new report.

“We see technology having a profound impact on disease surveillance, which has a highly antiquated process,” says Paul Ellingstad, HP’s director of global heath.

According to Ellingstad, it can take three to four weeks to send a list of sick patients to a district health clinic and then to the Ministry of Health of a respective country. Electronically automating disease surveillance speeds up the communication time to three minutes, meaning the government can immediately send bed nets and and alert citizens to take precautions.

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A Store in Your Pocket: Retailer Mobile Websites Beat Apps among US Smartphone Owners

Smartphone owners are increasingly using their devices for shopping, from researching products and reviews, to comparing prices, finding retail locations, and redeeming coupons. And retailers are responding with mobile apps and websites designed to attract smartphone shoppers. So, who’s winning so far? Nielsen’s detailed analysis of smartphone usage reveals that retail websites are more popular than retail apps, and that Amazon’s is the most popular retail mobile website of all.

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jQuery Mobile: Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets

A unified, HTML5-based user interface system for all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Its lightweight code is built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible, easily themeable design.

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The Value Of Google Analytics For Mobile

In the marketing game, numbers are crucial. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. There’s a reason why MarketingLand has a whole area designated for analytics. If you’re a website owner or marketer, chances are you spend a lot of time looking at Google Analytics for your website. Do you give your mobile site and app the same kind of attention?

Why Use Analytics For Mobile?

The main reasons to use analytics for mobile are the same as the reasons for using analytics on any website. Analytics answer a number of important questions:

  1. Where is traffic coming from (for mobile web)?
  2. Where is traffic going within the site or app?
  3. What features in the site or app are getting the most use?
  4. Are people getting stuck trying to perform some function?
  5. Are people meeting (sales) goals when using the site or app?

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Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business. Part 1

by Lorrie Thomas Ross

There’s no denying the growth in the use of mobile devices.  Mobile’s growth isn’t just big news for big business; there are new marketing opportunities for small businesses too.  As exciting as the new frontier of mobile marketing tools and technologies are, the uncharted territory can leave many business owners and marketers lost and uncertain.  New marketing journeys are less overwhelming when you know how to navigate, so here are some mobile marketing tips to help you get on the best road for a rewarding trip.

1. Know where you are: ASSESS your current mobile situation.

2. Determine where you want to go: Think mobile OPTIMIZATION.

3. Remember mobile marketing is a journey, not a destination — Try NEW mobile ideas!

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Mobile SEO Best Practices and Smartphone SEO Tips for 2011

by Bryson Meunier

These are my top 25 mobile SEO best practices:

1. Avoid transcoders (e.g. Usablenet) and hosted mobile solutions that don’t allow you to customize things like under which domain the site is hosted or which pages get indexed. This could add a lot of irrelevant content to the index which will make it difficult for engines to index your entire mobile site.

2. Don’t develop an app until you’ve developed a compelling mobile web site. Apps have limited reach, are only returned in search for app-specific navigational keywords and the link equity for the app benefits app stores rather than your site.

3. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Webmaster Tools search query data and keywords in web analytics to better understand your mobile user. Compare mobile search volume, impressions and traffic to desktop search volume, impressions and traffic to determine which keywords and concepts are most relevant to a user accessing the site from a handheld device. Mobile users search differently, and if you don’t do separate keyword research, you could be missing opportunities.

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Smartphones Turn Millions More Americans into Mobile Shoppers

Number of mobile buyers will nearly triple by 2015

In 2011, US mobile commerce sales (including travel) surged 91.4%, to reach $6.7 billion. Continued strong growth will boost sales to $31 billion in 2015. More smartphone users, greater consumer comfort with mobile shopping and an increasing number of retailers launching mobile sites and apps will all play a part in propelling m-commerce sales.

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