Far too many businesses put up a website thinking it will automatically generate customers. It is a “build it and they will come” mentality. But there are many factors that make a website profitable or not.

Search Engine Optimization

First, if nobody sees your website, then you won’t generate any income from it — period. It won’t matter how pretty it is, how low the prices are, or how unique the merchandise is. It will fail.

Competitor Analysis

So before you build a website, it’s imperative you understand what it takes to get it seen by actual people who are looking for what you offer. Getting your site findable is done with a process called search engine optimization.

You should review your competitors’ websites, for ideas. See what you’re up against and how you can beat them. The best way to do that is to search on Google for the best keyword search term you’re considering and look at the top 3 to 5 websites. Study them. See what they’re saying. Look for things you can do to emulate their success. Look for where they’re hurting themselves so you can avoid it.

Two Case Studies