SEO Is Dead; Web Marketing Alive and Well


When someone asks me about focusing on search engine optimization, the first thing I think of is that the individual is not familiar with today’s realities, in 2014, of web marketing.

The search results on any search engine are dependent upon many factors. If you take four computers, connected to the same Internet connection, performing the exact same search simultaneously, they will all likely have different results. Factors that influence these results are:

  • If you are logged in to a search engine account;
  • Your search history;
  • The location of your Internet connection.

These factors affect the search results whether you are in New York City or Los Angeles. The results are different and this is where personalized search comes into consideration.

The Web Marketing Process

Recommended Steps:

  • Content marketing. For some reason this terminology is often confusing. I explained this was about writing editorials, news releases, PowerPoint documents, infographics, and even videos — all about his business. These types of marketing materials are “content” and necessary to get the word out about your business. Once you have created the content you can distribute them through social communities, industry websites, and content sites such as YouTube and SlideShare.
  • Social media marketing. I discussed with the business owner the difference between passive and active social media marketing. Sharing blog posts is an example of passive social media marketing. The next step, however, would be active social media marketing by engaging in social communities by increasing connections, commenting on what others are saying, and (depending upon the community) digging deeper into subgroups.
  • Local business listings. For a business dependent upon the local economy, use local business listings that are pin-code verified, followed by updating these listings with business marketing information, and finally using a syndication services to help spread the word out to more business directories.

Web marketing is not a technology task. It’s a marketing process. For this reason it was not a technology firm providing an SEO task that he needed. He needed a marketing company that understood how to execute the various processes, including measuring and interpreting the results. It is a process that has no end.

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