You may have noticed that when you carry out a search on Google, some results tend to show only the page title, the page URL, and a short snippet — usually the meta description — from the page. Others, however, have something extra: rich snippets.

Rich snippet search result examples.

All results from the examples above have had specific bits of their content marked-up by “micro-data” for search engines to display them on their results as “rich snippets” as well as the names of the authors from Google+.

Google offers extensive support and documentation for rich snippets and strongly advises the adoption of — a mark-up vocabulary that Google, Bing, and Yahoo search understand. Google displays rich snippets in its results for varied content types: reviews, video content, recipes, events, music, ecommerce products, companies and people.

This article focuses on rich Snippets mark-up for “people” using Google+ Authorship that works alongside articles and blog posts.

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