WordPress Continues to Dominate in Market Share

wordpress.jpegWho is Using WordPress

  • Of all the web sites in the world, WordPress is the CMS of choice, leading the way with 19%. The only stat higher is 69%, which accounts for sites running without a CMS at all. Joomla and Drupal are way behind with just 2-3% of the market share.
  • Sites that are running off a CMS overwhelming use WordPress as their preferred platform at 59%.

Key Numbers on WordPress

  • 18th most popular web site
  • 26,000 available plugins
  • 72.4 million wordpress blogs 500,000 new posts published every day
  • 22% of all new web sites run on wordpress
  • WordPress plugins have been downloaded over 485 million times!
  • 68 million wordpress web sites in the world 92& of all users utilize wordpress as a full cms
  • WordPress 3.03 had over a million downloads 2 days after launch
  • 663 million – how many visitors wordpress driven sites attract per month

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