Vyoutube.jpegideo is a huge part of our daily lives. Think about the last time you let a day go by without watching some type of video — on television or the Internet.

People aren’t just watching funny cat videos, either. Many businesses are harnessing the power of video to drive awareness and sales.

Because Google owns YouTube, video ads on YouTube are handled through AdWords. And they’re surprisingly easy to use. Here’s how your business can get started with YouTube ads.

Decide On Your Campaign Goals

Don’t just jump on the video ad bandwagon because everyone else is doing it. Think about what you’d like to get out of it. Do you have a complicated product or service that’s more easily explained with video than with text? Are you launching a new product and want to generate awareness? Are you hoping to drive sales via video?

Video ads can work for all of the above scenarios, but as with any paid search campaign, a little advance planning will help make your campaign a success.

Learn the Basics

YouTube ads run on a cost-per-view basis, not cost-per-click. While you can and should drive traffic via YouTube ads, you’re charged every time someone watches your video for a minimum amount of time — usually 25 percent of the video length.

In many ways, therefore, YouTube is a branding or awareness exercise, rather than a direct-response medium. You can certainly drive leads or sales from YouTube, but you’ll pay whether or not the viewer ever reaches your website.

That’s not to say that YouTube won’t drive conversions, but your success metrics may be different than for regular PPC campaigns.

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